Prior to start of the move our surveyor will discuss and plan your move with you. Our surveyor will gather all the information regarding your move and will inform the crew about your move regarding: times, schedules, packing materials and any special requirements, and will arrive at your home with everything they need to pack and move your belongings to your satisfaction.

    On completion you will be provided with a checklist of the items packed by our staff and will be loaded into our vans and delivered to our warehouse, where it will be stored and  the arrange the shipment to the required destination. We suggest that, if you need to make any changes to your move during this period (like adding or taking items out), that you notify Kings World removals as soon as possible.


    A survey visit from one of our representatives will give you a precise idea of what packing material will be used on your move.

    We offer a professional and reliable packing service whether you are moving in the UK or moving abroad. Our employees are trained to a high level of packing, and they are capable of packing unusual, bulky, fragile and valuable items, from your glass and chinaware to a grandfather clock or a grand piano.

    Having moved thousands of homes over many years, we have the necessary experience to deal with removals of all shapes and sizes. We at Kings World Removals use safe and durable packing material that reduces wear and tear to your household goods during the course of your move as well as while being stored.

    We use the top grade, environmentally friendly Green Materials only!