We pack, move & relocate homes and businesses Worldwide.

We specialize in shipping to/ from Israel, USA & Europe. No one can beat us on quality, efficiency & overall performance on both sides of the job. Custom clearance service, freight forwarding & freight management. Door to door service worldwide, Air, Land and Sea.

What Clients Say

Dear Baruch, Everything arrived and I want to thank you for the EXCELLENT service.   I was really amazed how pain free it was, and your staff  helpful and polite.  I have enjoyed working with you very much, and will do so again in the future. Please dont hesitate to refer prospective clients to me for recommendation either here in Israel or in London…I would be glad to tell anyone that it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much, and Hag Shavuot Sameach, yours Jacqueline Rokotnitz.

Jacqueline Rokotnitz

Dearest Baruch,We want to thank you a lot for the very good job done!  The delivery to the apartment went very well.  We had a very good meeting with Moshe and his guys were excellent.BUT, we have lost the telephone number of Moshe… Can you email that to us!  We really want to thank him personally.Just before the delivery we had the wedding of our daughter Hila, which went very well and was very enjoyable!Let us be in touch.Kindest and Warmest Regards,

Micky & Danny

Very efficient, pleasant, helpful men came with our lift today….what we have unpacked so far has all been fine, thank you.With renewed thanks for all your help throughout the whole process, and good wishes for a peaceful and healthy 2013

Joy and Raymond

הי ברוך,תודה רבה על העבודה המצויינת!!!!!

הכל הגיע בשלום,האריזה הייתה מצויינת וכלום לא נשבר!

משה היה בסדר…. בסופו של דבר הכל היה בסדר. רק רציתי שתדע שהתקשורת והשרות שלך היו מעל ומעבר.רצינו גם לברך בשנה טובה,מתוקה ונפלאה.שוב תודה,בברכה והמון הערכה

גלי וג׳ונתן.

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