• – Kings-World Removals & International Shipping.
  • – We pack move & relocate home and businesses all around the world.
  • – We have been operating From the UK for over 32 years.
  • – Our experience in the trade will let you to enjoy the move and have it stress free. Especially if you moving to Israel.
  • – We are the largest shipping company from the UK to Israel and back.
  • – We are rated No’ 2 or 3 in the world for our packing… and for our standard of service in the Industry.
  • – Our packing and service is one of the highest in the world on both side of the job.
  • – We use the top grade, Invioremantly friendly Green Materials only
  • – Our Office in Israel is specialising with all aspect of Customs law and operational matters of all engagement of our business…
  • – We also provide other UK companies with packing and Customs service to and from Israel on a daily base.
  • – We operating from London, and our facilities and warehouse space give us the flexibility to provide you with all aspect and requirement of your shipping & storage you need, to complete your Shipping move…
  • – We do give free storage in the UK & Israel on all shipping work, to allow you to complete the move smoothly & successfully (and stress free…)
  • – We are a member of the IAM, (The Household good of America…) Base in the USA and are the largest organisation in the world for house hold and commercial shipping.

The members are going through a very strict & thorough checks and referrals on a regular base, throughout the year, to insure delivery of a very high quality standard.

We also A member of the ‘British made for quality’ the UK Chamber of comer’s. All members are getting checks regularly to insure quality of service require by British trading standard and all the above.